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What Krunch is about?

Krunch was created to help creators produce something valuable for others. As a first step in achieving this goal, we are focusing on supporting technical content creators who create content for the developer community.

Technical content creators are a unique group of individuals. Firstly, what they do is incredibly challenging because they cater to a technical audience, requiring a deep understanding of their subject matter. Secondly, and related to the first point, it can be quite stressful when their work is so publicly scrutinized. Finally, the value of their work is often underappreciated, yet they deliver immense value to the developer community with their content. However, tracking and measuring the impact of their work can be difficult.

Unique value of Krunch:

So we thought we could use our expertise in data analytics to provide value to them. Krunch is a platform that tracks content impact beyond websites and products, capturing the impact that content creators were previously unable to report to management. We help content creators demonstrate the value of their work to management with less stress.

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The Krunch newsletter is here to provide useful resources that will enable you to succeed in using the Krunch platform to demonstrate the impact of your content. Additionally, we have created a space where we regularly highlight useful technologies and resources from developers and content creators, uplifting their great work, and helping developers build.

TL;DR: If you are a technical content creator who wants to spend less time justifying the value of your work and experience less stress in the process of demonstrating the value of your work to others, or a developer looking to quickly get started with a new technology but don't want to rely solely on official sources, then this is the place for you.

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A data analytic platform tracking content impact beyond your website and product, capturing the impact that you weren’t able to report previously to mgmt. We help you show value in a less stressful way.